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Kids Martial Arts (ages 4-11)

Kids thrive on structure, clear expectations and appropriate rewards for achievements . Fit Defense provides a powerful, positive way for your child to meet these needs. With a nurturing environment, your child develops important social and personal characteristics including focus, self control, coordination, teamwork, and personal discipline. We also incorporate specific material to deal with emerging issues that today’s kids face such as bullying and cyber safety. Our holistic approach to your child’s health and well-being are woven into all that we do.


Teens Martial Arts (ages 11-17)

Building on the principles taught in the kids martial arts program, we extend the breadth and depth of that material for our teens. With an emphasis on developing additional skills such as leadership, accountability and situational awareness that will take them to the next level of their growth and maturity.

Their benefits are earned and work rewarded in the teens class as they have the opportunity to lead and become role models for both their peers and younger students. We emphasize community service and giving back by organizing activities and hosting events that benefit our community. They will also have the opportunity to take a leadership position within the studio.


Adults Martial Arts (Ages 18+)

The Fit Defense Adult Martial Arts program is a sanctuary for those who seek one.
While adults have different challenges than kids and teensagers, they too thrive on consistency, routine and discipline. And whether it be family, job, school, relationships, or just life in general – the stress and grind can start to wear us down. Martial arts training is an incredibly powerful and healthy way to balance life’s stressors while learning and personally growing in a way that will help you meet many of the challenges life throws at you. Taught in a safe and friendly environment, the adult martial arts program is intended for people that are looking for a new, goal oriented fitness activity, those who want to develop inner as well as outer strength or maybe you just always wanted to learn karate. No matter your specific need, Fit Defense can help and it’s cheaper than a therapist and a lot more fun!